Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dee's Dorothy Moment: Partnering with Horse In the Moment

Here is Dendria McLaughlin, Equestrian Yoga and Centered Riding instructor, sharing her Dorothy Moment about an experience with her grey Arab gelding, Joker (see on the right). It's a touching example of how we can comunicate so clearly with our horses when we slow down and take the time to BE together!

When did Horse remind you that you really can hear them, when you take the time to be receptive? Please share!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dela's Dorothy Moment: Awakening to a Deeper Relationship with Horse

I enjoyed Dela Whitaker's Dorothy Moment because it reflects that first moment when we begin to realize there is more to Horse than we ever realized- that Horse is offering us more than we ever dreamed possible!

When did you first notice that Horse was asking for a deeper union? Please share!

~ Dela Whitaker is an animal communicator and a contributor to Spiritual Adventures with Horse. Her chapter, Reborn: A Healing Tale of Love & Trust, is one of my favorites because it's about how one horse's life was saved by taking an enourmous leap of faith!