Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tracy's Dorothy Moment: Trusting that Horse Has a Plan!

I love hearing stories about how specific horses come into people's lives because there is almost always a Dorothy Moment! Horses seem to have a way of arranging things so that they can be with their chosen "people."  Listen in on Tracy's most recent lesson in trusting that Horse indeed has a plan for us when we are willing to take a leap of faith!

What Dorothy Moments of synchronicity occured when your horse(s) came to you? Were you asked to take a leap of faith? Please share!

Tracy Vroom is an equine craniosacral therapist and shamanic practitioner, visit her here:

I also love Tracy's chapter in Spiritual Adventures with Horse because it's an awesome example of how Horse can offer us a huge wake up call to ensure we are following our life's true purpose!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kerry's Dorothy Moment: Learning to be in the Heart-Centered Present Moment with Horse

I love this Dorothy Moment from Kerry Borcherding, Equine-Assisted Therapist and Yoga with Horses Instructor, because it shows what amazing, clear teachers Horses can be! Sometimes they just won't cooperate until we "Get it"!

When did Horse give you such a clear message until you got it?! Please share!

Visit Kerry to explore your Wilderness Within:

Kerry is also a contributor to our e-book: Spiritual Adventures with Horse. Her chapter- The Beauty of Forgiveness - has one of my favorite exercises in the whole book! It's a guided exercise in forgiveness through yoga on horseback- how cool is that!