Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tracy's Dorothy Moment: Trusting that Horse Has a Plan!

I love hearing stories about how specific horses come into people's lives because there is almost always a Dorothy Moment! Horses seem to have a way of arranging things so that they can be with their chosen "people."  Listen in on Tracy's most recent lesson in trusting that Horse indeed has a plan for us when we are willing to take a leap of faith!

What Dorothy Moments of synchronicity occured when your horse(s) came to you? Were you asked to take a leap of faith? Please share!

Tracy Vroom is an equine craniosacral therapist and shamanic practitioner, visit her here:

I also love Tracy's chapter in Spiritual Adventures with Horse because it's an awesome example of how Horse can offer us a huge wake up call to ensure we are following our life's true purpose!

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  1. I love the stories and the messages of Spiritual Adventures with Horses. I am a certifies Reiki practitioner and feel called to work with horses. Even though I am drawn to them, I wasn't sure if I could work with them. My first Reiki sharing was an amazing experience. Not only did the horse I was working with respond fully, so did his owner. I knew then, that I ccan do this work!

    Donna Allgaier-Lamberti
    Equine Reiki of SW Michigan