What will Horse Awaken in You?

Horse is ready to lead you on a magical ride! The Journey into your Heart & Soul.

All over the globe humans are hearing the Call of Horse, a deep, soul-awakening call to join horse on an adventure to discover the truth about Who You Really Are!

Once connected to the Heart of Horse, worlds of possibility open, leading you to re-discover your Magnificence alongside your ever-faithful Partner, Horse!

“What a wonderful compilation of inspirational stories! It very much honors the beauty, power and wisdom of horse. I couldn’t put it down!” ~ Kami Guilder,www.syzygy-co.com

Join the 17 contributors of the e-book Spiritual Adventures with Horse for True Tales of Inspiring transformation with Horse, plus Tools to deepen your own journey with Horse.

In each chapter, you'll enter a mystical world with horse. Within every author's true story, you'll discover the power of horse to spark inner transformation and create outer change that leads to your heart's deepest desires. Allow their Universal truths to ignite your own Wisdom Within!

Then anchor your new knowledge with the powerful tools and exercises that end each chapter, inviting you to enrich your own profound connection with the Heart of Horse. Plus, you'll be captivated by the equine photography and poems that grace it's pages.

BONUS! Enjoy two bonus Mp3 Audio Guided Meditations designed to enhance your experience connecting with the Wisdom of Horse.

~ Healing Your Relationship with Horse
~ Embodying Your Power alongside of Horse

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